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In biology, "Recessive Traits" are expressions of recessive genes. Blonde hair is an example of this.

On this website, Recessive Traits are stories mixed with collage mixed with paint. The images come from old books, the stories come from my head. Perhaps from childhood incidents... or maybe my dark, silly sense of humor.

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Frequent Questions

Q. How do you come up with the captions?
A. Sometimes they just pop into my head while I make the collage, and sometimes I look at pieces and think about them for weeks before I come up with a good one. As far as the sick and disturbing content, I can only say that it would take a team of professionals and years of therapy to figure out how my brain works.

Q. Did you draw or paint the kids?
A. No, the kids come from books. I carefully cut them out and glue them to the paintings. Often I scan them, then resize and print them.

Q. Is (insert name of painting here) going to be printed on a shirt?
A. Because of the expense of printing them, I only have a handful of designs available at any given time (please keep in mind that I need 5 different shirt sizes for each design). I am always open to suggestions, however. Please vote for your favorite design and it might be the next one.

About Ken Miller

Ken Miller was born in 1968 and ever since has tried to find effective ways to express himself creatively. To this end, he is an artist, writer, photographer and musician, and, while not entirely successful at any of these, he has sold examples of all four, and thus feels qualified to call himself a "professional." Ken also loves to travel and dabble in languages, much to the frustration and amusement of the people in the countries he and his family visit. He doesn't watch television or read newspapers or magazines, and he gets all his news from what he overhears on the train. He was a member of the Highwire co-op art gallery in Philadelphia where he showed art from time to time. He collects Tiki mugs, Pez dispensers, coins, stamps and cigarette lighters. He currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter. His favorite food is ketchup.

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