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Luhey- Crafty

Anyone who had their zine reviewed in Factsheet 5 in the mid 1990's soon found themselves receiving cartoons from the reclusive TR (no relation) Miller. These one-panel cartoons are usually based around a single word concept, and are kind of like cartoon Successories from a parallel universe. I personally think Luhey cartoons are fascinating because they perhaps reveal much more about TR Miller than he would like us to know... on the surface they are simple, but the subtext is deeply moving.

The cartoons were infamous in the zine world and TR was written about and interviewed (and mock interviewed) by zinesters, not to mention the numerous parodies which appeared. Unlike the narcissistic zine world, TR revealed little about himself in words, and seemed uncomfortable to have any attention focused on his personal life. After a few years of seemingly unwanted attention paid to him instead of his cartoons, he stopped sending out his work. Recently I tracked him down in a comment on a message board where he was asking for places to submit his work. I offered to publish some of his cartoons here, and yesterday I received two envelopes chock full of Luhey goodness. Three of them were even in color! So, with great pleasure I present: the 2013 version of Luhey!













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