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The Art of Barbara Cooper

babzilla Barbara Cooper (also known as Fine Art Rorschach) was a wonderful artist and a kind person. She was one of my favorite artist pen pals, sending me thick envelopes full of multiple-page handwritten letters and stacks of photos of her work. Through those letters, I learned a lot about her life and her work. She was also passionate about social issues, art and had a brilliant sense of humor. She would write about her adventures and daily experiences in a way that was fascinating to read. She had a difficult life for much of the time I knew her, suffering with Hepatitis C, a disease which caused her so much suffering that she eventually took her own life in 2007.

Here are some of the photos of her paintings she sent me. I was also extremely grateful that she sent me two small paintings after our daughter was born, which are on display in our living room. I miss her greatly.

The Paintings

Ceci N'est Pas Moi

Ceci N'est Pas Moi

All images are copyright © 1998 The Estate of Barbara Cooper.

A Tribute to Barbara by Addadada

An excellent website of Barbara Cooper's early work

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