Acamonchi, Guerilla Art, Propaganda, Neo Graffiti, Border Art by Gerardo Yepiz.

The Alchemical Wedding- surrealist art & poetry of David Aronson

Art by Harry- Outsider art from Nashville's Harry

Big Art Show- you can be in one too!

Henry Buszard- photocollage and paint works

Rajie Cook- the fine art of boxing

Barbara Cooper- a fine art rorschach test

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí

Velveeta Heartbreak- art from Mike Bowman

Mike Geno's Website- paintings of cheese, sushi, meat & bread!

Highwire Artists Gallery- my former gallery David Hockney photocollages & paintings amazing pointalist paintings- art created with a toothpick!

Lance Letscher- Found paper collage

Benjamin Long- Paintings on Wood & Paper

Ted Mosher- Landscapes that are oddly un-landscape-like

Mung Being Magazine- lots to read... give yourself a good hour.

The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)

The New York Beautification Project

Leon Rainbow- great street art & stencil work

Story People- the art & poetry of Brian Andreas

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